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White – PVCu Movement Bead 25 x 2.5m Pack

White – PVCu Movement Bead 25 x 2.5m Pack


White – PVCu Movement Bead 25 x 2.5m Pack


PVCu movement joints / expansion joint beads are designed for function and speed on all external and internal rendering and plastering applications. Discreet but strong, all beads give a perfect finish to every type of render including through colour render.

Designed to prevent cracking to render through thermal expansion and compression.  Must be used over a structural movement joint once settling is complete.  Can be used horizontally as a day joint to disguise a break in the application of render and provide an attractive architectural detail with a gentle shadow.

UPCu plastic movement joints / expansion joint beads offer a value for money alternative to stainless steel beads because they are made from cost-effective recycled exterior grade, impact resistant, UV stable PVCu and are guaranteed not to stain or corrode like galvanised steel beads, reducing spalling and impact damage.

Designed to outlast their metal counterparts, plastic beads are guaranteed to be fit for purpose for the lifetime of the render and at least 25 years